More about Anais

I am Carignan and I have my roots in Le Colombier vineyard.

I have been bred to make structured, full bodied wines. I may
have been slightly exploited in my youth, being flogged, yes FLOGGED, to
produce grapes indiscriminately thrown into the 'ordinaire' mix of grapes
swelling the Languedoc Roussillon wine lake and, (whisper it who dares),
finding its way to Bordeaux to beef up hugely expensive and overrated clarets.

But now, in my twilight years, I have found a new role thanks to Katie; producing fewer grapes of greater depth and complexity to take her wines
even further down the road to true greatness. Having led a life of blameless
innocence I want nothing more than a deep and meaningful
relationship with people who understand.

Katie has designed a lovely label called Vineyard Collection to go on my wine.
It shows bunches of carignan grapes which I think probably come from my vine
(but my neighbour thinks the same).

And if you’re wondering what my wine tastes like, well, Katie’s superhero Tim Atkin MW
described it as

“A combination of exuberance, a sense of place, focus, minerality or stoniness,
And deep, dense, dark black fruits…”

A votre santé! xx


  • Age 118
  • Colour Red
  • Variety Carignan
  • Vineyard Le Colombier