More about Clave

I am a Grenache Noir vine with my roots deeply ensconced into the warm vibrant red soils of the Rebouls vineyard, on the gently rising foothills of our dear Tauch mountain.

I am originally from Spain, from an area called Aragon, which always makes me feel like I'm in The Lord Of The Rings!
Imported over here in the Middle Ages, I think that, even if it can be hard to integrate in small villages like Tuchan, it's been long enough now for me to definitely be considered a local. In fact, I have become so popular that I hold pride of place on the podium with my mates Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot as one of the most cultivated grape varieties I the world.
Now, I know what you're thinking; that doesn't particularly make me special or original as there are therefore millions of other vines like me in the region and everyone loves to plant and drink the noble Grenache. But don't forget, I'm not just any old grenache, I'm Katie's old grenache! Therefore her deeply engrained motto applies to me too: small yields, beautiful grapes.

I'm also quite a lot older than most of my cousins. Indeed, those who were lucky to be planted at the same time as me, nearly 120 years ago, are few and far between. Most of us were savagely ripped up with no respect for all the knowledge and talent we acquired over the past century. Image all the things we have seen and heard in that time. But no, out with the old and in with the new!
So, make no mistake, there is no comparison between me and all those young upstarts who want nothing more than to produce large amounts of grapes just to show off.

I think I'm special and unique. That's not just me being an arrogant French vine from Aragon, Katie rambles on about how wonderful I am all time. Who am I to question? And to prove that point, she has created a very special range called the Vineyard Collection and put my picture on the label.

If you want to know what my wine tastes like, then crack open a bottle! But if you haven't got one to hand, don't take my word for it (I wouldn't want you thinking me vain vine) :

'Smooth, lively fruit, pure strawberries, raspberries and a dash of silk with a hint of wilderness'

A la vĂ´tre !


  • Age 71
  • Colour Red
  • Variety Grenache Noir
  • Vineyard Rebouls