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I am Macabeu and one of a handful of varieties hoping for adoption in Katie’s vineyards.

I have been bred to make enormous amounts of grapes. My big, golden bunches were the pride of the area in the seventies when a fortified, sweet wine called Rivesaltes was so 'à la mode' that my owners were known as ‘americains’. But as Rivesaltes fell from its podium, so did I. Most of my macabeu friends are long gone, ripped up and replaced by younger, more profitable vines. You can imagine how grateful I am to Katie for saving me and my friends in this tiny vineyard called Le Colombier. So many people tried to warn Katie not to take us on, that we weren’t capable of producing low yields and serious wines. I’m so glad she didn’t listen to them! You can be sure that we are listening to her every instruction – low yields, small bunches, low yields, small bunches …. I think we’re doing OK! Susy Atkins thinks so too because she said that she was in love with our wine! And then she went on and on making all Katie’s hard work so worthwhile:
‘It’s one of those wines that you can go back to again and again and you will get more and more out of it. Pears with a slight tang of lime, orchard fruit – apple and pears, melon and a bit of honey. Lovely texture and quite full with a succulent end. A great wine!’

Katie has put us into a range called Vineyard Collection which I think is a very smart idea as I am on the label!

A votre santé! xx

Adopt Octave

  • Age 51
  • Colour White
  • Variety Macabeu
  • Vineyard Le Colombier

If you adopt me I will send you a plethora of gifts and advantages including a personalised adoption certificate, a photo of me that you can put on your fridge, a Domaine Jones unique keyring and an Old Vine Adopters t-shirt. I can’t wait to send you photos of my vineyard throughout the year so you can see where I live and perhaps one day you will come and visit me here as I’m not so mobile anymore.

If you would like to try the wine from my vineyard you can order a case now and I’ll give you the special vine parents 10% discount which is also valid on all future purchases on the site or here in the shop in Tuchan.

The adoption runs for 12 months from the date of your order and will be automatically renewed if you purchase a minimum of 12 bottles within the year.

I have my branches crossed that this is going to be my lucky day!

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