More about Tracy

I am the very rare Carignan Gris and my roots are in the La Roque vineyard here in the valley between Tuchan and Paziols. My vineyard is not the prettiest so I’m very glad that we have a wonderful view over the Tauch mountain to stare at.

Before Katie started looking after us we were totally unloved and I’m not even sure why we existed. It’s not our fault but we ripen so late that we cause chaos at harvest time. Our previous owners were so impatient that they used to pick our grapes before they were ripe or sometimes they even tried to hide our grapes amongst red ones - how degrading.

Katie changed all that – she looks after us, she waits for us to ripen then carefully hand-picks our grapes and makes a special wine just for us! It’s called Vineyard Collection Carignan Gris and has a lovely picture of a bunch of my grapes on the label.

On the 7th of April 2021, a harsh frost hit our vineyard and we have severe frostbite. We need a bit more care than the other old vines but we are going to try really hard to produce some quality grapes for Katie in time for the harvest.

And if you’re wondering what we taste like we have been described by wine experts as

“Rare, characterful Carignan Gris whose smoky fragrance and sumptuously fresh pear fruit is delicately infused with notes of garrigue, herb and smokiness."


  • Age 98
  • Colour White
  • Variety Carignan Gris
  • Vineyard La Roque

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