Macabeu boisé 2021

Vineyard Collection

From Le Colombier vineyard in Tuchan this white wine has a lovely texture and weight with hints of pears and honeysuckle, supported by a delicate touch of oak-ageing.

At Domaine Jones, we think it’s high time we put the marvellous Macabeu in the spotlight.

We only make a very limited amount of Macabeu from my vineyard Le Colombier in Tuchan. It is just a stone's throw from the centre of Tuchan and is south-facing, catching the morning sun. It is probably one of the last remaining Macabeu vineyards in the village as most have been ripped up and replanted with more profitable red grape varieties. What a shame as I would gladly have purchased more Macabeu vineyards given the delicious wine it produces!


Wine notes

Medium dry white wine
Drink with
Stir fry, Thai green curry, fish in a creamy sauce, crispy roast chicken or perfect by itself as an aperitif.
Drinking from
Drinking until

Tasting notes

Ripe Pears, honey, almond

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