Monty Sprigg

  • Age 119
  • Colour Red
  • Variety Carignan
  • Vineyard Le Colombier

I am one of the old vines at Domaine Jones. You can help Katie by adopting me and contribute to protecting the rich heritage that is intrinsic to our terroir.

If you adopt me I will send you a plethora of gifts including a personalised adoption certificate, a photo of me that you can put on your fridge, a hand-crafted personalised keyring and an Old Vine Adopter's t-shirt plus a 10% discount on wines bought online or at the Domaine.

I can’t wait to send you photos from my vineyard throughout the year so you can see where I live. Hopefully that will tempt you to put an end to my longing and come and visit me here! I know I'm demanding but I'm old and not so mobile anymore.

I have my branches crossed that this is going to be my lucky day!

Monty Sprigg has been adopted by Tim!

“When Katie asked me if I’d like to adopt an old vine I jumped at the chance. I chose Claudia (she’s magnificent!) and love seeing how she’s getting on throughout the growing season. Great wine starts in the vineyard and this scheme is a wonderful way to get involved.”

Get the latest news from Katie and her old vines in the south of France.